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ELS Language Center
at Front Range Community College





Location: Denver - Front Range C.C.   MAP



Website:  www.els.edu



Phone: 303-404-5717



Email:  den@els.edu



For over four decades, ELS Language Centers has been widely recognized as a leader among English language programs. Our most popular program is the Intensive English Program, chosen by the majority of students for its academic rigor and efficiency. 

The Intensive Program helps students to significantly improve their English skills in the shortest time possible and to fully prepare themselves for university study in the United States. Recognizing this academic quality, more than 500 U.S. universities, colleges and career schools accept graduates of the Intensive English Program into their academic programs without requiring the TOEFL®. The ELS Language Centers’ Academic Report is the most important document for those seeking admission to a university or college and is designed in the same style as many university transcripts. 

The Intensive Program is a complete English program, including classes in Structure/Speaking Practice, Conversation, Reading, Writing, Multi-Media Lab and Elective subjects. The daily 6.5-lesson class schedule (4 on Fridays) is reinforced by one to two hours of homework, allowing students to progress rapidly through the Level System. Our small class sizes allow for maximum participation. Regular assignments provide students with the opportunity to meet and converse with Americans in real-life situations. 

ELS Language Centers uses the proven Communicative Approach to language learning. This approach makes for lively, interactive classes where students engage in role-playing activities. 

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